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The whole world has been shut down. People are considering present time as a troubling time, cautious while spending money, and waiting with baited breath for normalcy to return. May be you too are waiting for chaos to go away  and normalcy to return so that you can start over.

I’m warning you.

Such thinking is dangerous for your financial future.

You are just thinking what majority of people thinks. That’s certainly not the right path.

You are not going to solve your problems by running away from chaos. Rather you have to run into it. You would see countless opportunities all around you. Take the time to analyze what’s out there, detect needs that have not been monetized  and what would be the most profitable way to meet them. Spot the opportunities in the crisis and come out rich.

In this blog post, I’m going to show you some online opportunities that you should grab at once before they vanish in thin air again. It’s crucial to take the wagon on the move because places are scarce and the first ones are sure to be the best served.

Let me start with talking about myself a bit. I’m a small time Internet marketer and I did not feel the impact of the COVID crisis at all. Quite the opposite has happened: my business is thriving.

And what’s more?

Majority of my customers are located in USA, presumably the worst affected country in COVID crisis. Contrarily to popular opinion, the crisis has not stopped them from shopping. I have seen increase in demand for the stuff I sell. Some of my friends are also doing great amidst the crisis.

So, don’t be pessimistic. Start thinking. The life will never be same in next few years for many of people. I’m sure you don’t want to be one of theses naysayers, do you?

You would rather want to make money and achieve the life you always dreamt of. Life is too short to worry about crisis and be bogged down by unseen burden that many people bear.

I have given a lot of thoughts to current crisis and listing a few methods of making money online that’s going to be extremely profitable. Let me give you a few pointers:


Starting a Youtube Channel

youtube channel creation

Believe me or not, having a Youtube channel is one of the most lucrative online businesses. Even small kids are making big money. 11 years old Ryan made $26 millions last year from his channel titled Ryan’s World. The Dobre Bros are earning over $500, 000 every month from their channels. Even Youtubers who don’t get millions of views are making decent money.

Surely Youtube has something for everybody. It’s one of the top 3 most visited sites. The amount of time people spend there is tremendous. The lockdown has further increased the visits and retention.

See you don’t have to speak or seen on the video to be a Youtuber. Anyone can make money on Youtube.

I have seen many videos that just compile popular videos into one and post them. They get millions of views. That’s the easiest thing you can do. Generally pranks, sports, laugh gigs and movies show best result.

If you don’t know how to make simple video or edit, just buy a good course and learn the trick. It ain’t a rocket science.

Almost everything in life can be filmed. You go to a market, see a homeless or beggar, donate few dollars or buy eatables and make a video and post it. You are not only making money but also spreading simple kindness that might inspire many viewers.

You can post tutorials on the topic your know. Virtually everything can be filmed. It does not require thinking. Step out of your home for a walk and you would encounter a lot of events. Just gotta film and post these videos.

Almost every prank and laugh gigs are scripted. You can do that too with your friends or pay people to act.

Don’t create videos with powerpoints of photo slides. They are waste of time. You won’t get views.

If you have some original ideas to make videos, your chance of making big money with Youtube is very very high. Just let your imagination run.


Domaining and Website Creation

website creation service

Make no mistake. Domaining and website creations are two separated business. These two online businesses are going to be very profitable amidst the crisis.

What I foresee is that once lockdown is lifted, people won’t venture out much. Now the emphasis has shifted from eradicating COVID to living with it. Obviously, because unless a medical breakthrough shows up, COVID 19 is here to stay. I foresee there will be demand home delivery of goods and services.

City and town based small offline business owners have no choice but to bring their business online in real sense. The first thing they need is a domain and then a website. So, demand for domains and website creation service will bound to go up.

Personally, I’m already into domaining but now taking it more seriously. This is a wonderful business and has a huge potential to make you huge money.

Not only the hitherto offline businesses but a huge chunk of jobless people would enter into online businesses. And most of them are experienced and skilled people. They need websites to advertise their expertise of start offering services. So, there will be demand for domains as well as website creations services.

Then there is another category of people who is looking for earning opportunities online. They would go for ecommerce, blogging etc. You can get them a domain or and build website.


Ads Advertising

online advertising

Due to COVID crisis Google Adwords, Bing Ads and Facebook ads have become cheaper like never before. These ad services in the past have made many marketers rich. A whole bunch of clicks got cheaper now.

This means you don’t need a huge budget to advertise your goods or services. Governments all over the world are handing cash to people to cope with the pandemic. People have cash with them. What I mean they still have spending power. If you do your advertising correctly, you would be racking up money.

This is the perfect time to assert your online presence and make your services and products more widely known. We mentioned Youtube earlier, advertising on it is also an interesting way to communicate your message to a large number of potential customers.

And if you are lucky enough to have copywriting talents and natural creative dispositions, you could also offer an advertising editing service.


SEO Service

SEO service

SEO service is a perennial source for online money. Now demand for SEO service will increase. It’s the ideal way to be visible online without spending a fortune on recurring advertising costs. You can start providing SEO service business to your online or local clients.

SEO is really not difficult. It’s a subject that seems very technical, but in reality it often appeals to common sense. You got to understand how search engine ranking works and how to do it in a whitehat way.

You have probably already read the basic criteria for a suitably optimized site:

  • Regular content, in quantity and relevance
  • A coherent hierarchical structure of pages
  • Researching keywords and LSIs and their optimization
  • The shortest possible site loading time
  • A strategy for inbound, internal or outbound links
  • Use of images and videos in the content

In case of local businesses, Google My Listing and good reviews like Google Review, Yelp, TrustPilot, etc… are very important. Social media profiles of the business are equally important for 1st page ranking. Add stuff like ToS, About and Contact us page to the website you would create for your clients. Google considers these factors while ranking sites.

The demand for SEO services in coming months will increase. Anyone can provide these services. You can do it yourself or outsource to a good freelancer to


Dropshipping Service

dropshipIn coming months majority of people would stay indoor notwithstanding easing of lockdown/restriction. Getting Chinese dropshipping services could be difficult, as many countries may not allow shipping from China. If you can get cheap dropshippers from elsewhere you would make good money.

The COVID crisis also has opened opportunities for selling new products like masks, hand gloves, sanitizers, handwash etc. They are not hard to manufacture at home. There are plenty of tutorials on Google and Youtube . You can start too. You can sell them on eBay, Amazon or even in your own store.

Many wealthy and financially sound people would prefer to stay at home most of the time. They need to beat boredom at home. Many entertainment activities would increase. This is very good time for ebook boom. Everybody would be a full time of part time reader. You can churn out useful non-fiction or fiction books to meet the demand.

I see plenty of opportunities out there. You can see too if you look around. Every crisis in the history has presented opportunities to cash in. The Covid crisis is no different. It’s matter of time it would come to pass too. To come out improvised or improved is in your own hand.

Now it’ s time for you to take action!